About FaraHome

We have integrated our 20 years’ accumulation of experience and knowledge with commitment and trust. we with respect to your taste, prestige and premier tendency try to open a scenic window of modern technologies in the world for you.

We believe that you deserve superior, qualified and high performance products of developed countries of the world, so leaning on Electronic, Network, Software knowledge, Modern Decorations and professional and vast researches have provided modern, innovative, knowledge base, interesting, reliable technologies for you.

Our ambitions:

Energy saving management

We will present the Energy Saving Management culture that is a VALUE in the new world and we respect to it.

We desire Energy Saving Management for you along with comfort, quiet and interesting.

We want win to win future for customer and environment together.

We think to next generation.

Your Comfort

Your comfort brings proud of having loyal customer for us.

Our first approach for your comfort in addition to special features of products is the optimum After-Sales services, we present our knowledge and expertise to fulfill it for you.

Relying on 20 years of experience in designing and producing electronic devices and an accumulation of electronic knowledge, software and networking, we have investigated designs through all of the world so we have chosen reliable products with high confidence for you, because we nicely know that stability of systems is comfort for both of us.

User Friendly features is our factor to choose, comfort depends on easy to use.

Integration of home features can help us to make comfort for you.

Your Prestige

We consider Products appearance and your home decoration as a main factor to select products, we have chosen the best products from Europe, Gallery of projects tells this fact you.

Accessible features for you make a nice prestige feel in front of others, experience it.

Reaching to Future(We continuously observe the future)

Observing the future, we choose products, compatible with future.

Up to date knowledge is our approach.

Then we will be along with you in the future.

Saeed Mirhosseini
CEO of FaraHome