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Almond, our first product, was launched in 2012.

More than a Critical Success, Almond is now a customer favorite.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, based on more than 10000 reviews.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, based on more than 10000 reviews. A WiFi range extender that really works […] Almond does beautifully as a simple, effortless, attractive way for non-nerds to extend their hot spots into un-blanketed corners of the house
Jonnathan Bertrand

Almond+ debuted on Kickstarter in March 2013.

Yet another Major Success, Almond+ shipped to all Kickstarter backers in September 2014.

7,606 backers pledged $855,625 thus helping us reach our goal 346% over.

Our Big Launch, Almond+ and Almond-2015 launched in retail.

Why turn your house into a Smart Home? Because it makes life a little easier at home. But what’s a Smart Home? Simple. It’s a wireless network that connects your lights, home alert system, thermostat, door locks and gives you control over turning them on and off individually or grouped together. You can add or remove devices to your Smart Home network at any time. Thanks to the ZigBee and Z-Wave technology built into Almond and the smart devices we offer, the devices already know how to wirelessly connect to each other. A smart home lets you automate routine tasks. So instead of turning on and off the same devices in your rush to work or coming home after a long day, press a single button with the Almond app on your phone. Or pre-program everything to turn on and off at a specified time on every day of the week

Almond is a Wireless Router/Range Extender/Access Point


With Almond-2015 you don’t need another hub to control your smarthome devices.


Almond+ An Amazingly Fast and Powerful Router and is also a highly capable smarthome hub(ZigBee and ZWave).


Meet the Almond 3, our latest innovation that easily and quickly establishes a single, secure Home Wi-Fi System and Smart Home Hub in minutes.


ZigBee Floor level water/flood sensor with tamper switch.


Home security at your fingetips, ZigBee PIR Motion Detector.
ZigBee Door/Window magnetic reed sensor with tamper switch

Door and Windows Sensor

The Peanut Plug is a Zigbee HA 1.2 compliant smart plug that can control any plugged in appliance.
Connect securly to your almond via cloud from everywhere and any device

Cloud based application

IOS and Android compatible applications

Mobile Applications


Main Features

3 Minute Touchscreen Setup

Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi

Home Wi-Fi System

Smart Home Hub

Wi-Fi Security

Almond Free Mobile App

Universal Compatibility

Top News

11 DEC 2016, 7 Ways to Improve Your WiFi Router Signal for Free

16 NOV 2016, Almond Click smart button – One click to control multiple smart devices

11 NOV 2016, Almond 3 Named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree

27 OCT 2016, Popular Science Selects Almond 3 as “Best of What’s New” Winner for 2016

22 SEP 2016, Updated Almond Skill for Alexa Lets You Block Kids’ WiFi

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Almond transforms your home into a Smart Home in minutes.

smart home

Almond doesn’t let uninvited guests on to your Wi-Fi network. Download the free Almond app to easily monitor and control your network right from your smartphone and tablet by receiving push notifications whenever a new device joins your network. To remove any device you don’t recognize or want on your network, instantly block them with the press of a button.

Almond is the first and only Smart Home Wi-Fi System compatible with Amazon Echo.

If the convenience of controlling your lights and locks from your phone is too taxing, here’s an easier method: control your smart devices with voice commands through the Amazon Echo. The Almond 3 pairs with the Amazon Echo so you can control Home/Away modes and Scenes you’ve created with your voice. For example “Alexa, tell Almond to activate Movie Scene” or “Alexa, tell Almond to set Home mode.” So yes, in a manner of speaking, you are able to talk to your house.

Almond + Nest: You can’t control the weather,but you can control the climate.

Almond and Nest are partners in making you comfortable at home. No matter what temperature you prefer, Almond lets you control it from your phone.

Turn your lights on and off whether you’re home or not. No clapping necessary.

Almond and Philips Hue lights partnered so you can turn on an individual light or a group of them with the free Almond app right from your smartphone.

Almond invites you to make a scene. (The good kind.)

Not to be confused with awkward reunions, a scene is a series of simultaneous actions you program to take place with one tap of a button. For example, you could turn all your lights on or off and set your thermostat with one tap of a button. Almond lets you create a number of customized scenes to automate your Smart Home that make life a little easier.


Use the Almond app to create and edit schedules and automation rules. It’s easy to create complex automation workflows featuring multiple triggers that in turn prompt multiple actions. Not to get too nerdy here, but this goes beyond simple IFTTT commands. For example, a rule can be created so when you arrive home between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM on weekdays, Almond disarms the alarm, turns on the porch light for 5 minutes and sets the Nest thermostat to 68ºF.

Know when your kids are home with Wi-Fi Triggers.

The free Almond app includes several cool features like Wi-Fi Triggers. With push notifications to your smartphone and tablet, you instantly know who is entering and exiting your home. Curious when your house cleaner, kids, or in-laws arrived or left the house? With Almond, there’s one less question unanswered.

Home WiFi 24-hour guard...!!!

AND you can control all devices access to your home WiFi by one click on your smart phone through ALMOND mobile application.

Parental Controls.

Another free feature included with the free Almond app is Parental Controls. Now limiting your kids’ screen time is as easy as pressing a button. Program the same time limits every day or manually control it. For example, you could block Wi-Fi on school nights after 7 PM or decide as you go when to restrict their access to Wi-Fi.

Works with your favorite brands.

Securifi makes some great sensors. But we’re building an open smart home platform that talks to many of your favorite brands like Nest, Philips Hue, Yale. Compatible devices include all kinds of smart devices like lights, locks, thermostats, door sensors, motion detectors and many more.

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All mentioned features and more are available now in FARAHOME by ALMOND

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