Home Automation (HA) is one of the main foundation stones of IOT Infrastructure that is considered as most important targets of leading companies in this field of business in the world.

In fact, IOT appoints an unique IP address for any thing around you that ties them to the global Internet network, it enables you to receive online information of your things and also sends data to related agencies, support and guaranty companies, shopping centers and suppliers to give you some desired services in the future technologic infrastructure while it also provides you remotely control of your things.

Therefore, using home automation infrastructure is not avoidable to reach IOT targets and any knowledge base company goodly knows the necessity of being ready to enter this market by home automation.

Fortunately, in these days more percent of our society are familiar with Internet and anybody knows the importance of its existence in his life as a daily need, at a glance through internet equipment we find out that Internet or networking is a completely knowledge base business that for a better performance and service providing needs expert companies in networking and of course network security.

Therefore, Since the main target of home automation is IOT and executing without enough knowledge and experience decreases the possibility of utilizing your installed home automation as a structure of IOT, we strongly recommend for researching an expert executive company and emphasize that we cannot consider every home automation equipment as an infrastructure of our future purpose for IOT. Considering this matter that IOT in near future will be like internet at the moment push us to look for a home automation equipment that will be able to provide our IOT needs, unless we have to pay costs and spend times twice.